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Formed in 3 layers, Epidermis layer, Dermis layer and Subcutaneous tissue. It also contain the skin appendage including hair, sweat gland, and sebaceous gland within the layers.

 Epidermis Layer 

​Comprises with five layers (Stratum corneum, Stratum lucidum, Stratum granulosum, Stratum spinosum, and Stratum basale). Most of epidermal cells are composed with keratinocyte, the rest is covered with Langerhans cell, which has an immune function, and melanocyte which creates skin pigment.

 Dermis Layer 

Occupies the most volume of skin. The main components are collagen, and elastic fiber, while the space between two components are filled with mucopolysaccharide such as hyaluronic acid.

 Subcutaneous Tissue 

Is a loose structure that involves in temperature control and absorbs external damage to connct skin with other internal organs.

Through MTS needle, it induces self-collagen production by natural healing procession.


It is a new skin care therapy that fundamentally improves various causes such as wrinkles, pigmentation, wounds caused by aging, etc. by maximizing skin permeability.

  • To brighten the skin tone and make glossy skin by using skin color pigment

  • Pigment contains stem cell culture ingredients abstracted from Niacin polyimide, Arbutin, EAA

  • Effective in skin whitening improvement sue to Adenosine, Peptide ingredients

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