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Blossom Lips

Blossom Effect

Having Blossom Lips as known as      Tinted Lips are very popular in            Korea! This was the latest                  technique in Korea too.

Aquarelle Lips

Full Lips

Permanent lip contour makeup changes your condition to the best at all times. The makeup is designed with perfectly suiltable color and improves the balance on irregular parts of your lips. Various styles including popular colors and natural colors are available, and the procedure will be effective to maintain your attractive lips for years.

Nude Lips

Natural Lips

Nude Lips focuses on a soft natural color that appears as wearing lip gloss

We proudly present, 1st Ambassador repre
Icy Lips

Natural Lips

Non-invasive technique for lip coloring;
Uses no numbing (anesthetic);
Creates minimum discomfort;
Does not bleed, and;
Creates a natural translucent lipstick effect on the lips.
This technique is applied by using the Dermo Power Pen by Linda Paradis and the patented cartridges 88 which are non-invasive, which means, they do not penetrate the dermis and thus causes no bleeding
Duration procedure 45min max

3 new lips treatment from Linda Paradis.
Icy Pearl Lips

Natural Lips

Icy Pearl Lips to create a more glamorous look by applying a pearl shimmery pigment in the middle of the lips or full Lips, creating that sexy pouch look.

Snow Lips is an amazing alternative to w
Icy Snow Lips

Dark Lips Removal

Snow Lips is an amazing alternative to women whose lips have changed color through the years with the constant and excessive use of lipstick. The heavy metal called “lead” contained in most brands of lipstick available in the market, deposits small particles of the lead toxin in the lips, causing the lips to turn blue and sometimes black over time. With one to three applications of the Icy Snow Lips technique you are able to remove the excess lead and bring the lips to its natural original coloring.

Blossom Lips

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