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Nipple and Areola Reconstruct

Medical treatment of breast coloring is the final step of  Breast Reconstruction and it restores your natural breast.

It is a type to inject the nipple area with certified-sterile and specially colored pigmentation equipment. This procedure enables individual design sketching, cubic designing, and soft pigmentation to reconstruct breast without additional surgeries. For anyone with scar or lost on the areola after breast surgery.


Scar Removal

Scar removal is available within a year from the occurrence of injury from surgery. 

You will experience satisfactory results with various pigmentation techniques concerning the scars' range, symptoms, types, and suitable color choice.


Leukoplakia is a chronic, non-contagious skin problem. Its symptom is occurrence of white spots due to Achromatosis (it can expand gradually).

This problem can be treated by a semi-permanent procedure and making up small/big areas through various dye techniques is available.

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