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(MTS) Micro-needle Therapy System



MTS (Micro-needle Therapy System) uses an equipment, that contains innumerable and minute needles, to make tiny scratches on face artificially. Once granulation tissues raise in scratches, vestige of scratches will be closely filled with clean tissue.

  • Human adipose-derived stem cell culture + MTS.

  • Use of natural protein complexes produced during the culturing process of adipose stem cells which are processed with special know-how.

  • Human friendly materials and no side effects as using state of the art which cannot be imitated artificially.

  • FDA approved skin restoration system which produces natural collagen production.

✔ To improve bumpy skin texture caused by acne scars or marks
✔ To treat of scars tissue, stretch marks and cellulites
✔ To improve skin tone and elasticity
✔ To treat fine wrinkles around eye and lips
✔ To make radiant skin
✔To treat scars caused by surgeries or accidents

Importance of post-MTS treatment

  • Its is important to provide a skin rejuvenate session after 1 week of MTS treatment to optimize the MTS effect and moisturize the skin.​

  • MTS can be more effective, when prodeure happens every 2 weeks for 3 times.

  • Follow-up care is important.

  • Use moisture and regenerating cream or product.

Safety Caution after MTS

  • Do not wash face on the same procedure day.

  • Do not forcefully exfoliate dead skin cells.

  • Avoid sweating exercise and sauna after procedure.

  • Must apply Sunscreen when you go out.

  • Skin can be reddish or dry during the procedure.

  • Recommend to apply moisture or regeneration cream or product.

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