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Anna Jasmiez


A perfectionist and passionate about the art of beauty.

Anna is the ideal artist who will not only create your perfect brows but  she will also help you preserve your youth and beauty.

With a background in Fashion and Retailed Design, she’s always had a passion for art and beauty line. After discovering the world of PMU, she was drawn in by the advancement of what it has become, and she wanted to be a part of it. To enhance and define beauty while helping others has not only become such a rewarding experience, it’s become her driving force.

Anna has trained with various leading Masters from Europe who have helped her excel her skills and techniques, most importantly searching for her own unique style. Therefore she acquired her skill set so she could have a collective understanding of what’s the best techniques and methods.

Anna’s work ethic, devotion and professionalism gained her love and support among her colleagues in the PMU field as well as wide group of satisfied clients. Thirsting for knowledge and thriving for greatness, Anna never stops learning and improving herself.

“The only way to get on top is never be satisfied with your own results”, says Anna. This is her motto that keeps her driven and focused.

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Anna Jasmiez Ho
True Conture Master Class
True Conture Master Class
Semi Permanent Makeup Diploma
SPMU Advance Diploma
Special Skin Treatment Diploma




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