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G.E.L. Lashes Superboost is an innovative, advanced lash lifting system. It is designed to lift and tint the natural lashes while nourishing and strengthening them with its gentle formula infused with keratin, silk peptides, and botanicals that supply omega 3’s, vitamin E, vitamin C, silica, antioxidants and antimicrobials. G.E.L. Lash clients love this treatment because it is made without harsh chemicals, and because only G.E.L.-certified lash artists are allowed to buy and use this treatment, it is the safest and highest quality-controlled lash lifting treatment in Malaysia.

G.E.L Lashes’ unique lifting technique lifts all the way from the lash root so natural lashes appear longer and fuller than could ever be achieved using traditional methods of curling. Since there are no extensions added to lashes, maintenance is much simpler for clients. With no stress to the lashes or premature shedding, many clients find that their lashes appear longer and feel stronger after receiving a G.E.L Lash Lift treatment.

This amazing new advanced technique by G.E.L. Lashes Superboost is designed to lift, strengthen and darken your natural eyelashes and it is being touted as the best new alternative to lash extensions. 

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Why Choose a G.E.L. Lash Lift?

G.E.L. Lashes’ innovative formulations incorporates deep conditioning into our SuperBoost lash lift. The active ingredients and nourishing botanicals in the Organic Lash Botox encourage the growth of stronger, healthier lashes. The serum also helps with fixing pigment in the centre of each hair, which  enables the SuperBoost tint to last up to 60% longer.

The Organic Lash Botox is made from 97.7% natural ingredients, and is completely free from parabens, SLS, SLES, aldehydes, silicones and preservatives.  It's also safe for pregnant & breastfeeding mom.

Our all-medical grade ingredients and deep conditioning treatments make it the safest, yet most effective lash lifting system in Malaysia


  • GEL Lashes is a treatment to lift and boost your natural lashes. No more eyelash extensions or strips needed.

  • Treatment takes only 45 minutes to 1hr and is very comfortable for the client.

  • The GEL Lashes effect lasts between 8 to 12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of an natural eyelash but many choose to get relifted after 6-8 weeks to maintain its freshest effects

  • GEL Tint during procedure alters and boosts the colour of the eyelash so that the treatment enhances the natural beauty of the client even further.

Keratin Mascara

For those who want to maintain their lash lift in tip-top condition or extend the life of the treatment, there is G.E.L. Lashes’ Keratin Mascara. This transparent, glossy mascara – which can also be used as a primer with black mascara – conditions, nourishes and strengthens the lashes. The mascara also helps the lashes to recover their ideal shape, say, after compressing them against your pillow overnight.


While optimising new lash growth, Keratin Mascara also offers protection against the elements (sun, wind and water). The result is glossy, healthy-looking lashes that retain their lifted aspect and tint even longer.

A clear mascara contains Keratin to nourish, strengthen & grow your lash if used regularly


Active Ingredients:

  • Keratin



  • Longer, thicker & fuller lash

  • Recovery serum for lash loss/bald from bad extension/stress/malnutrition

  • Can be used as primer before black mascara


  • Apply 2 times a day in the morning & night 

  • Apply evenly from the root to end

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