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BB Glow

What is BB Glow? 

BB Glow is used MTS (Micro-needle Therapy System) ampoule with natural color particles in it like BB Cream, which gives it the same effect as applying BB Cream on face after the procedure.


Through MTS needle, it induces self-collagen production by natural healing procession.


It is a new skin care therapy that fundamentally improves various causes such as wrinkles, pigmentation, wounds caused by aging, etc. by maximizing skin permeability.

  • To brighten the skin tone and make glossy skin by using skin color pigment

  • Pigment contains stem cell culture ingredients abstracted from Niacin polyimide, Arbutin, EAA

  • Effective in skin whitening improvement sue to Adenosine, Peptide ingredients

Treatment Process 

  1. Cream and gel cleansing

  2. Exfoliate skin by using exfoliation product. (deep cleansing)

  3. Anesthesia for 30 minutes

  4. Apply BB Glow ampoules on the entire face

  5. Start the treatment by using the BB Glow machine

  6. Skin machine care

  7. Cooling face mask

  8. Skin regeneration cream

  9. Done

Safety Cautions for BB Glow Treatment

  • It is possible to wash face on the same day of the procedure

  • Do not go to heavy exercise, spa or sauna for a week

  • Avoid skin exfoliation (scrub) right after the procedure

  • Must apply Sunscreen on the face

  • Moisturizing and facial mask will be helpful to use

  • Soothing and recovery cream for daily use

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